Wealth Management Services

We offer access to the following services for our clients:

Investment Management

  • Define goals and investment objectives
  • Review and analyze existing assets
  • Profile risk tolerance
  • Analyze and recommend appropriate asset allocation
  • Implement recommendations
  • Fee based asset management and ongoing advice

Retirement and Life Goal Planning

  • Retirement income analysis
  • Analyze alternatives available for retirement savings
  • Analyze pension or IRA pay-out choices
  • IRA/pension rollover
  • Minimum distribution requirements
  • Explanation of potential penalty and tax liabilities

Risk Management

  • Insurance coverage analysis
  • Review adequacy of various types of coverage
  • Life insurance needs assessment
  • Long term care, health care and disability needs assessment

Employer/Employee Benefit Design and Implementation

  • 401(k) planning
  • 403(b) planning
  • Money Purchase pension planning
  • Profit Sharing
  • Simple IRA
  • Investment advice for existing 401k plan

Education Planning

  • 529 education plans
  • Coverdell education savings account (formerly the education IRA)
  • Education trusts

Estate Planning

  • Evaluate current estate plan
  • Recommend alternatives
  • Estate tax analysis
  • Estate distribution

How We Are Compensated for Our Services

We can manage your investments in either of two different compensation arrangements: a traditional, transaction-based, commission brokerage account, or a fee-based, asset management account. Either model may be appropriate in a particular set of circumstances. In a traditional commission account, the client pays, and the advisor receives, compensation based on specific transactions in the account. In a fee-based, asset management account, the client pays a periodic fee which is a percentage of the value of the account. The fee is not connected to the activity in the account. It is based on the value of the account, so our fee increases only if your account increases in value. Certain conditions may require the use of a traditional brokerage account, and there are minimum values for fee-based accounts.

At North Ranch Financial Group, Inc., we are able to recommend the most suitable investments for your situation. We receive no incentive to work with proprietary products and we have no quotas to fulfill.

We typically provide general financial advice to clients in the course of managing their investments. If you engage us solely for financial planning, such as an analysis of your overall financial situation, or consulting on a specific financial issue, such as the selection of investments in company retirement plans, the fee will be determined between you and the advisor based on the scope and complexity of the analysis.